Development Begins

With the help of Android Application Development for Dummies I started to develop the Weird Sounds soundboard app. I started with twelve sounds which were recorded around the house. Then I built in the facility to use the sound as a ringtone by using a long click. The app has now over 7000 downloads and over 100 sounds. You can download it from Google Play using the following link Weird Sounds .

From First Steps to My First App

After deciding to develop a soundboard app I began to teach myself the basics of Android development. In order to do this I bought the book Android Application Development for Dummies. This proved an excellent introduction into the basics of developing an app. As I was reading this I was also sketching out the basic look and feel of the app. Please feel free to comment on your experiences of the early stages of Android app development.

First Steps

The first steps to developing an app that I took was to look at other apps and attempt to visualise in my head how they were constructed and to work out the relative complexities of how to build them. In my mind soundboard apps are by far the easiest way to get started as they are literally a series of buttons which trigger sound files. Please feel free to comment on this post and share your experience of early app development.

Starting Development 

Starting development for Android was relatively easy. The best development tool that I found to use was Eclipse. This can be downloaded for free. The version I started on was Indigo but I am currently using Neon. Please feel free to add your comments if you recommend any other tools.

In the Beginning 

My journey started over 3 years ago. A programmer by trade, I decided to look into learning Android app development. As I came from a Java development background I thought that this would come quite naturally. Also it was fairly cheap to get started in comparison to developing apps for Apple devices it only costing $25 to register with Google. I’ll get into the development tools needed later.